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Image of Electric Love Machine "Love Deluxe" • CD

Electric Love Machine "Love Deluxe" • CD


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Track Listing

1. Crushing Time
2. Visions
3. Love Deluxe
4. Tomorrow Knows
5. Looper
6. Oceans
7. Trillsville
8. Ghost In the Mirror
9. Gemini
10. Dance In the Light
11. Goodbye
12. Binary Soul

The sophomore full-length album from Moon Life records band, Electric Love Machine, titled 'Love Deluxe'

'Love Deluxe' is considered a genre buster and uniquely weaves elements of Rock, Metal, Electronic, Pop, Fusion, Funk, soaring guitar, and cerebral vocals into a high energy listening experience

Electric Love Machine (ELM) is best described as an outer space adventure through sound, infused with doses of electronic funk, traditional Americana and improvisational jazz, and whose foundation is built on a sense of community.

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